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Business Consultant

Global Vigilant Services ltd provides a full range of business consulting services to clients in the private sector. We provide client side advisory and support services .We support implementation and delivery projects retaining complete independence from all solution providers. We provides a Business Strategy, Organizational Development, Marketing, Financial and management control.


Working in a variety of ways depending on the scale and complexity of assignment, program or project including as advisers to facilitators to senior management teams, program owners and sponsors with ongoing review and assurance to maintain impetus, minimizing risk and avoiding rework.

Customer Journey

Global Vigilant Services ltd Protects client’s interest and help them to maximize their potential to running a successful business, Provide you with the best client service anywhere – personal, friendly, honest, reliable and pro-active, Aim to continually exceed your expectations, Make the time to really listen to your needs, Suggest ideas to improve your profits and help you grow the business.

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